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IP phones for office use

SIP Trunks

Enables a fully redundant IP Voice Solution with your existing infrastructure, cutting implementation costs.

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Hosted PBX / UCaaS

The industry’s go-to unified communication solution without the hassle of managing an on-site phone system.

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Emulated POTS

A cloud-based service that delivers VoIP to analog equipment using an ATA.

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Cloud Phone Systems

The latest line of Poly and Grandstream Business Class IP Phones & ATAs, delivering the industry’s best sound quality for your Granite IP voice solution.


Unifying Communications

Businesses, big or small, need a robust and efficient unified communication solution that enables seamless collaboration and boosts productivity. This is where Granite’s Hosted PBX comes into play with 4 seat options to choose from based on your Enterprise’s requirements:

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Base Seat

Included Features

  • Standard Features

Hardware Requirement

  • IP Physical Phone

Business Seat

  • Standard Features
  • Voicemail
  • IP Physical Phone

Soft Seat

  • Standard Features
  • Voicemail
  • SMS, Chat, & Presence
  • Granite MaX UC
  • Smartphone, Tablet, Computer

Executive Seat

  • Standard Features
  • Voicemail
  • SMS, Chat, & Presence
  • Granite MaX UC
  • Video/Audio Conferencing
  • Inbound Fax
  • Hot Desking
  • IP Physical Phone
  • -or- Smartphone, Tablet, Computer

Over-the-Top Features

Each optional feature adds function and versatility to already feature-packed options.

CRM integrations

such as: Salesforce,

Zoho, & others

Call Recording

Voice Operator Panel

Auto Attendant

Hunt Groups



Not all features are listed. Please contact our expert team to learn more.


Quick & Easy Installation

The Granite ePOTS solution provides businesses with a plug-and-play experience, enabling rapid installation and deployment. At its core, the ePOTS service utilizes an Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA), an affordable device that acts as a bridge between an IP connection and analog devices, such as telephones, FAX, paging, and others.

Its simple configuration and seamless integration allow for a hassle-free adoption, including the ability for customers to retain their existing numbers. In addition, the service includes features such as call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way conferencing, caller ID, hunt, and transfer.

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Empowering Your Business Communication

SIP Trunking allows businesses to establish a fully redundant IP Voice Solution using their existing infrastructure. Granite offers various options including Business SIP Trunks, Direct Routing, and Emulated PRI.

Granite offers a range of features, including 911 outbound call notifications, additional E911 registration, SIP Commportal, Toll-Free, Cloud Contact Center, Easy Auto Attendant, Premium Auto Attendant, DTFO (Direct Trunk Failover), bursting, and optional usage bundles. These features empower businesses to customize their communication solution according to their unique requirements.

By leveraging SIP Trunking, organizations can significantly cut down implementation costs and streamline their communication systems.

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Cloud Phone Systems

Staying Connected

At Granite, we understand the importance of providing a complete solution for your business.

We offer IP phones, headsets, speakers, cameras, and end-to-end logistics services, from the initial sale to kitting and activation. We take care of every step to make your experience as effortless as possible, allowing you to fully focus on your core business operations.

Cloud technology

Business-Class Phones

We are proud to offer business class IP phones from the latest line of Poly and Grandstream products, unrivaled in the industry, delivering the best sound quality with superior HD Voice technology. Powered by Granite’s robust nationwide IP platform, our available phone models ensure the reliability and performance that both your business and your customers expect.


Analog Telephone Adaptors (ATAs), which seamlessly connects analog devices to the digital world, ensures that businesses can continue to use their existing equipment while enjoying the benefits of VoIP telephony. They also excel in voice quality, utilizing advanced voice encoding algorithms.

Boosting Efficiency & Performance Is Easy

How Your Business Can Benefit

Eliminates the need for traditional telephone lines and expensive hardware, resulting in significant cost savings for businesses.

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Asset monitoring

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Offering proactive ticketing, around-the-clock-support, and the expertise of our Network Operations Center

Cutting edge technology

Cutting-Edge Voice Solutions

We have taken VoIP to new heights especially when paired with Fixed Wireless Access

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Managed Field Services

We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in deployment planning and management across all industries

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Still Have Questions?


With Granite, you can say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and complicated billing processes.

We offer a seamless and streamlined experience, providing you with a 360-degree view of your services across North America and One Bill for your complete business solution.

This consolidated approach saves you time, money, and eliminates the frustration of managing multiple accounts.

Find the various calling types below:

Call TypeInvoice IndicatorDefinition
LocalLOC1A Local call is from point A to point B within the Local Calling Area as determined by the ruling local tariff.
Regional TollLOC2A Regional Toll call is from point A to point B within the same LATA (Local Access and Transport Area) and outside the Local Calling Area.
IntraStateIAAn IntraState call is classified as Long Distance from point A to point B within the same State, but outside the same LATA (Local Access and Transport Area) and outside the Local Calling Area.
InterStateIEAn InterState call is classified as Long Distance from point A to point B not within the same State and outside the Local Calling Area.
Extended AreaEXAn Extended Area call is classified as Long Distance from point A to point B where point B is located in a U.S. Territory, Indigenous Reservation, or Rural Area where rates are higher.
CanadaCANA call from point A in the United States to point B in Canada.
CanadaCAN2A call from point A in Canada to point B in the United States.
InternationalINA call from point A in the United States to point B in a country outside of the North American Number Plan Administrator (NANPA). Rates are determined at the International Dialing Code level
InternationalIN2A call from point A in a country outside of the North American Number Plan Administrator (NANPA) to point B in the United States. Rates are determined at the International Dialing Code level.
Directory AssistanceDA2A call from point A to 411.
Directory AssistanceDA1A call from point A to 411 outside the Local Calling Area.

Toll-Free calling is billed to the owner of the Toll-Free Number (TFN). It may be rated using any of the usage types, where point A is the TFN owner and point B is the originating caller.

Behind every TFN, there is a Local Routing Number (LRN) which is used to determine the usage type.

We offer options that support one to eight lines per device.

Yes. ePOTS supports light fax applications.

Yes. Our ATA options can connect to door boxes, entry systems.

Customers can assign users to Base, Business and Executive levels as needed.

New installs typically take 3 business days. SLA for porting existing Hosted PBX service is 8 business days (>50 lines requires a custom project plan; timing varies).

The minimum term required is one year.

Yes. Customers can make international calls at per-minute rates. Customers will need to request international to be unblocked to enable calling.

Yes, as long as phones and firmware are supported on our platform, and customer can provide username/password to factory reset and provide MAC address of the phone.

Granite Connector integrates with over 100 CRM systems (including Salesforce), enabling click-to-dial, customer recognition, and incoming call screen pops.