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Connecting Your Business

Granite is proud to be at the forefront of providing comprehensive IT solutions. With our team of skilled and certified engineers, along with our experienced project management team, we are equipped to develop diverse solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you require seamless integration of new functionality into your existing technology environment or a completely new communications strategy, Granite is here to assist you every step of the way.

Cloud computing technology

Granite’s team of RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer®) Architects will conduct thorough onsite surveys and network assessments, gaining an in-depth understanding of your environment and critical infrastructure components. We work closely with you to analyze and document a customized infrastructure design that meets your specific requirements and vision. And, then our highly skilled technicians can be deployed to your location on the same day, next day, or within 48 hours. To streamline the process, we offer multiple channels for service requests, including our user-friendly milestone portal or a simple email to our dedicated dispatch team. With Granite as your single-source provider, you can rest knowing that your entire geographic footprint will be serviced promptly and efficiently.


Build Better Infrastructure  

NaaS cloud

Connecting Your Business

With our team of skilled and certified engineers, along with our experienced project management team, we are equipped to develop diverse solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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24/7 Technical Support

Our IT Field Services operate round the clock, every single day of the year.

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Customer-Centric Approach

We uphold a philosophy of reacting promptly, responding effectively, and simplifying complex problems. We don’t just fix issues; we provide seamless solutions that enhance your overall operations.

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Expert Technicians

Our expert technicians are equipped to handle the installation, configuration, and maintenance of servers, routers, switches, and firewalls, providing peace of mind that critical network components are in capable hands

NaaS cloud

Network Distribution

Our knowledgeable team will design and implement the ideal configuration for your business, optimizing your network’s performance.

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Backbone of Your IT Infrastructure

Our range of cabling options includes Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7, and Cat8, ensuring that we can cater to your specific needs. Additionally, we provide fiber backbone solutions with single-mode fiber (SMF) and multimode fiber (MMF) options, further enhancing the reliability and efficiency of your network.

Server Room

Hardware Rack & Stack

Our technicians excel at hardware rack & stack operations, optimizing space utilization and minimizing cable clutter, thereby enhancing the overall performance and manageability of your IT infrastructure.

Boosting Efficiency & Performance Is Easy

How Your Business Can Benefit

With Granite, you don’t have to waste precious resources sourcing technicians to address your IT challenges. Our team of expert technicians can be onsite within a matter of hours, whether it’s the same day, next day, or within 48 hours.

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Granite TechExpress

TechExpress customer portal empowers you with granular insights into network performance

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Powerful device control made simple

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Granite EPIK

Granite EPIK offers a POTS alternative that integrates with all other analog devices

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Granite’s Mobile Device & Plan Management offers a solution to address mobile enterprise challenges

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Introducing FlexEdge, the all-in-one universal Customer Premise Equipment (uCPE)

Asset monitoring

Asset Monitoring

Offering proactive ticketing, around-the-clock-support, and the expertise of our Network Operations Center

Cutting edge technology

Cutting-Edge Voice Solutions

We have taken VoIP to new heights especially when paired with Fixed Wireless Access

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Managed Field Services

We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in deployment planning and management across all industries

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With Granite, you can say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and complicated billing processes.

We offer a seamless and streamlined experience, providing you with a 360-degree view of your services across North America and One Bill for your complete business solution.

This consolidated approach saves you time, money, and eliminates the frustration of managing multiple accounts.

BICSI, which stands for Building Industry Consulting Service International, is a professional association that supports the advancement of the information and communications technology (ICT) profession.

With a vast membership base of over 26,000 professionals and credential holders, BICSI is the preeminent resource for the Connected World.

RCDD stands for Registered Communications Distribution Designer®. It is BICSI’s flagship program that focuses on the design and implementation of telecommunications distribution systems.

The RCDD certification ensures that individuals possess the necessary knowledge and expertise to create reliable, efficient, and scalable ICT infrastructure solutions.

Being an RCDD means being acknowledged by your peers and industry professionals as a subject matter expert in designing and implementing telecommunications distribution systems.

For more information on BICSI or the RCDD Certificate, please visit BICSI’s website: BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Design (RCDD®) | BICSI