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EPIK Leads the Way

EPIK stands out by offering more than cost-efficiency; it is a cutting-edge MFVN (Managed Facilities-based Voice Network) solution. Its smart integration of Softswitch technology, Ethernet, FSX, and LTE ensures analog devices can smoothly interface with the PSTN. EPIK surpasses typical SIP or wireless options by including essential fire and safety systems, allowing for seamless integration into current setups.

Epik Leads the Way
Advanced Features

To Stay One Step Ahead 

IP phones for office use

Softswitch Intelligence 

3 technologies within 1 appliance allows analog devices to register directly with EPIK and connect seamlessly with the PSTN.

Ethernet cables

Back-up 4G LTE 

Back-up 4G LTE allows EPIK to handle Remote Branches or as a failover when the internet is unavailable.

A person holding an ethernet cable

5G Upgrade Capable 

The latest in wireless connectivity enables EPIK to provide Wi-Fi and broadband failover options seamlessly.

An employee happily talking to someone on the phone

Built for Specialty Applications 

Offering Fire & Security Alarms; Elevator Voice Circuits; Blue Light Boxes; SCADA; Door/Gate Access Phones, and more.

Security guards are learning how to use fire alarm panel

NFPA 72 

EPIK is recognized as an MFVN solution, aligning with industry standards for fire and life safety applications.

Telephone with VOIP isolated on white background. customer service support, call center concept. Office telephone device. IP phone

HIPAA Compliant 

EPIK ensures HIPAA compliance with end-to-end encryption for calls and faxes, safeguarding sensitive data.

Cloud computing technology

PCI Compliant 

EPIK meets the stringent data security standards mandated by the Payment Card Industry for secure payment transactions.

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Granite TechExpress

In The News

EPIK Receives Stamp of Approval from FDNY.

Granite Edgeboot

Case Study: EPIK in Healthcare 

An EPIK solution delivering cost savings, reduced maintenance, improved reliability & HIPAA compliance for leader in senior healthcare facilities.

Granite Epik

Case Study: EPIK in Retail

An EPIK solution for POTS replacement, delivering improved reliability, cost savings & transparency for a retail leader.

Granite Managed Mobility

Case Study: EPIK in Wholesale Distribution

Optimized data access for remote warehouse sites enabling better inventory control for major food & beverage manufacturer.

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Still Have Questions?


The base EPIK device is not offered as CapEx, so there is no cost for the box, rather it’s sold as a monthly Subscription-as-a-Service, per EPIK Port, over a minimum term of 36 months.

There is no charge for local or long-distance usage under normal circumstances.

Yes.  All EPIK devices and ports are blocked from all unauthorized access and Granite maintains rigid security, firewalling, and encryption best practices.

All EPIK devices may be enabled with e911 functionality and can be assigned distinct E911 call routing and location management with secure delivery to PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) and can include the location address, building floor and even office or cubicle location.

All EPIK appliances are monitored in the NOC just like any other Guardian service, right down to the Port level.

However, it’s important to understand that just like a POTS line we don’t know if a transmission is successful or not, we are just monitoring that the line is active and completing calls successfully.

It is required to connect to wired Internet in order to provide the primary connection, and to load balance against latency, especially for Life Safety and Fax transmissions, and the LTE is used as a redundant back-up connection.

There is security documentation available via the EPIK Solutions Engineering team that explains further.