1. The Art of Storytelling

    Design is the art of storytelling, and as a furniture designer, I find joy in transforming abstract ideas into tangible reality. Furniture serves a...
  2. The Tube Collection: Our Newest Body of Work

    Get ready to be amazed by the Tube Collection: a stunning departure from Bend Goods' iconic thin wire lines. With their delightful chunkiness, thes...
  3. Design in Japan

    Breaking out of my Los Angeles routine was long overdue, and I yearned for the immersive experience of exploring a new culture. So, I decided to em...
  4. Five Outdoor Trends 2023

    Five Outdoor Trends 2023 The outdoor trends for 2023 are already heating up! We've seen a huge rise in outdoor furniture being used to create outd...
  5. Introducing our new Together Coffee Tables

    An elegant and modern piece of furniture that is sure to become a centerpiece of any contemporary space.
  6. Prototype In The Making - The Tube Chair at BDNY

    ...we are most excited about showing is the debut of our new prototype chair.
  7. Sometimes All You Need is a Beautiful Chair in White To Finish Your Design

    Interior designing can be overwhelming to anyone, but sometimes the most simple choice goes a long way
  8. Durable Furniture and The Benefits of Sustainable Design

    The Get-Together Table is a versatile piece that is designed to be styled indoors as a formal dining table as well as enjoyable outdoors for an afternoon lunch. Its build is
  9. Contemporary Chair Designs, Featuring Bend Goods Signature Wire Patterns

    Bend Goods signature wire designs are a hybrid design reflecting both modernism and contemporary looks
  10. The Best Ways To Decorate Your Interior Home

    Not confident in styling your home, that's ok we are going to list a few easy and affordable ways to accomplish a beautiful interior transformation...
  11. Get Ready For Summer by Refreshing Your Outdoor Furniture

    Bend Goods has done the work to make sure you have the best quality tables, chairs, and stools to choose from for your next project. Follow us as we list our top selections for outdoor entertainment with complimentary links to each piece, and why.
  12. Inspirational Design Process

    It's a fun process of creativity and design that we never fully escape and we're ok with that. An artist's work is never done. 
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